ED Treatment NY – Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment In Men

Many men don’t talk to their doctors about sexual health issues due to their sensitivity to the topic. Over 18 million men in the U.S. have erectile dysfunction (ED). However, seeking medical intervention for this important health issue should not cause isolation or shame.

Achieving a full and firm erection requires adequate blood flow. Several factors like excessive scar tissue, poor cardiovascular function, and hormonal imbalances can affect a man’s ability to maintain an erection. While diet and exercise changes may help, other cases require intensive medical procedures requiring long recovery periods. As technological research expands into male sexual health, other groundbreaking treatment options are becoming available to a broader audience of patients.

Shockwave therapy is a treatment option that benefits any man, irrespective of whether they have erectile dysfunction or want to improve their sexual performance. Certain men cannot consume ED pills due to other medications they are taking or underlying medical conditions such as liver or kidney disease. In such cases, shockwave therapy could be a viable treatment alternative. The FDA has approved shockwave therapy to treat several medical conditions, including erectile dysfunction.

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