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20–30 minute treatment session, no drugs, no downtime, and no invasive procedures.


Maximizes function and restores sensitivity by promoting enhanced blood flow.


All treatment plans are custom tailored for patients medical needs and condition.


Dramatically improved sexual performance and overall experience with over 96% Patient Satisfaction, and with NO side-effects!

What is Shockwave Therapy for ED Treatment?

Shockwave therapy for ED treatment is an FDA approved treatment option that can benefit any man, regardless of whether they have erectile dysfunction or simply want to enhance their sexual performance. Promoting the growth of new blood vessels and tissue, leading to longer-lasting erections, this noninvasive painless procedure typically takes between 20 to 30 minutes.

A Better Alternative To Prescription Pills

For many years, male have turned to prescription pills for treating sexual dissatisfaction. Some prescription pills can cause side effects that are not desirable, despite their popularity. Shockwave therapy is a safer and more effective alternative to prescription pills. It can increase sexual function and satisfaction over time. Shockwave therapy can not only treat erectile dysfunction’s physical symptoms but also addresses the underlying causes, such as poor blood circulation or damaged blood vessels. Shockwave therapy can also increase sexual desire, increase sensitivity, and sexual satisfaction.


Science  Backs  Up  Shockwave  as  an  Effective  Therapy  for  ED

Several studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of shockwave treatment for ED. One recent clinical study, from 2022, included a group of 60 men with mild to moderate ED, without cardiometabolic disease. Half of the men (30 men) were randomly assigned to a treatment group to receive shockwave therapy, also known as Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LIESWT). The other half (30 men) were assigned to the placebo group, meaning they did not receive the treatment.

Their shockwave device was internally blocked, not transmitting any shockwave, despite providing the same “feeling” of getting treatment. Only the technician operating the shockwave machine was aware of the type of treatment an individual participant received. The treatment was provided twice a week for six weeks. All participants compelled the study with no reported adverse events. The participants in the shockwave treant group showed a statistically significant improvement in their ED condition. This study concluded that shockwave improves erectile function in the short term, especially in men with mild to moderate ED, and those without cardiometabolic disease. Another double-blinded clinical study, published in the Journal of Urology, in August 2022, looked into the effect of Low-Intensity Shock Wave therapy on moderate erectile dysfunction. 70 participants were randomly divided between a treatment group (35 men) and a placebo group (35 men). They received 12 sessions of shockwave therapy twice weekly and were evaluated after a month and three months for their ED state. The treatment protocol specified that each shockwave treatment would administer 5,000 impulses, at 0.096 mJ/mm2 energy flux density, and 5 Hz frequency. It was found that this treatment was highly effective in participants with moderate erectile dysfunction, compared to the placebo group.


1. Sokolakis, I.,et al. Clinical studies on low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Int J Impot Res 31, 177–194 (2019).
2. Dimitrios K. et at. The Effect of Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy on Moderate Erectile Dysfunction: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Sham-Controlled Clinical Trial. Journal of Urology. August 2022


Do you have a medical history? That’s generally not a problem…

You don’t have to choose between great sex and your health. We have a solution for you even if you have medical problems. Whether you are dealing with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, or prostate cancer – we have a unique blend of treatments that work. We safely treat erectile dysfunction, regardless of your medical history.

We offer a safe treatment by caring, licensed professionals…

Our patients receive top-quality care by our team of doctors who are extensively trained in addressing and treating erectile dysfunction. Because we care about your health and satisfaction, we evaluate each patient on an individual basis and focus on the results. 

While working on regenerating the blood flow to your organ, we simultaneously work on restoring your hormone levels, improving your nutrition and supplementation, as well as teaching you useful exercise routines to optimize your sexual and overall health.


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Phillip S.

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I was recommended to go to ReBalance by a friend who was very happy with his treatment results for ED. I am very satisfied with their holistic approach to sexual wellness and programs that were offered. Based on my blood work I did not need any hormonal replacement therapy so instead I was given some natural supplements to help my body. After doing a few shockwave therapy sessions the difference. I’m currently also doing some IV drips to detox my body and boost my immune system. I love their healthy approach. Beautiful facility and very positive caring stuff.

Johny K.

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I have been dealing with low testosterone for a while now. The doctor at ReBalance was caring and comforting and reassured me that I can restore my health. I felt heard and shared all of my concerns openly which were received with understanding and support. After receiving treatment my testosterone levels are evened out now and I would recommend this place to any man going through similar challenges.

George B.

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They are very organized with patient and I was surprised to see they always call to ensure I am doing well after a procedure. They made sure that I was happy with my results and explained everything really clearly. Would recommend!

Sam P.

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After dealing with erectile dysfunction for a while and feeling hopeless all it took was going to the right people to learn more about it. The doctors at ReBalance were supportive and empathetic, and gave me ways I can improve my health and not be a a victim to this anymore. I am so happy I found this place.


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